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Robin Fleming - Tech Executive & Entrepreneur 

An Energetic Leader with a Passion for Software Innovation and Delivering Customer Value


Hi, I'm Robin Fleming. I'm the CEO of Evolv Tech.


I help organizations retrofit, scale, and deliver SaaS platforms, applications, and marketplaces.


I enjoy guiding organizations to develop effective teams, processes, and technology that enable high customer growth and satisfaction levels.


Anything is possible with highly productive and diverse teams who work smart and have fun. 

World-class leaders and globally recognized brands have taught me what success looks like.

I have been hands-on in driving strategic improvements across a wide range of product and technology organizations.

In addition to serving executive leadership roles for over 11 years,  I'm also an advisor, entrepreneur, board officer and investor.  I understand what it takes to build from scratch and how to deliver an enterprise platform that scales.

My interests include SaaS platforms and marketplaces, corporate digital innovation and transformation, future of work technology, wearables, digital health technology, IoT/Sensors, Web3+, NFTs, machine learning, AI, predictive analytics and the latest cloud technology. 


I would welcome the opportunity to connect!  

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My Work Style
  • Always be innovating / experimenting

  • Leverage data for decision input

  • Set Big Goals and Objectives

  • Focus on customer success 

  • Remove roadblocks and obstacles

  • Apply Agile methods: move fast & iterate

  • Treat others with respect 

  • Show integrity in all interactions

  • Find humor every day
  • Be a lifelong learner
  • Change - it's never to late to change
  • Teamwork is paramount
  • Everyone matters
  • Follow the Golden Rule




Let's Connect

If you would like to connect or discuss a collaboration please contact me on one of the channels below or directly at

  • LinkedIn
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